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Introducing the Walker Jones Real Estate Exchange

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Kevin Grassi
Kevin Grassi

After being heads down for a couple months I'm excited to announce the initial launch of the Walker Jones Real Estate Exchange - the WJE.


Check out this post on why I think investing in real estate should be easier and why I'm building the WJE.

This is an app that I wish existed when I started investing in real estate. I have the assumption that other people might want this as well. So I built this app to find out!


So what is it?

The one liner is the “Robinhood for real estate assets.” I want to be able to and buy/sell real estate assets - similar to Robinhood for stocks or cryptocurrencies with CoinBase.


So how does the app work?

At a high level the app allows you to add funds from your bank account and use these funds to buy fractional shares of individual properties.

You can click on each individual property in the app to learn more about the building.

Here you see the yearly income, expenses and net operating income. The income and expenses are based on 2020 operating data. The valuation is based on comps in the given area. Appreciation is based on historic area trends.

You can also view information about the investment offering. All the buildings have 100,000 shares issued. The price of a share is therefore the market value divided by 100,000. In this case $525,000 / 100,000 or $5.25 per share.

In most cases, the owner will want to hold on to some of the shares (they won't want to sell all of their building). In this case 52,000 shares are offered corresponding to 52% of the building equity.

You can then chose to purchase shares of the building. You set your funding source and the number of shares you want to purchase.

Once you confirm your purchase, the building's shares will show up in your portfolio.

Every month, your will receive your dividend payouts in your app. You can then choose to reinvest these funds or send the funds to your linked bank account.

Next steps

The first two properties listed on the app are owned and operated by our property management business.

The app has launched in private alpha. This means I invited my close friends and family to create accounts and try out the app.

It is (almost) fully functional. With any initial app launch we will be working out the kinks moving forward.

We are also compiling an extensive list of frequently asked questions. This idea is somewhat new to people so it requires some explanation.

If you have any interest in trying the app out shoot me an email at kevin@dwellwellprop.com and I'll send you a referral code.

Here is the link to the sign up page.